Welche Apps sind bei Portknox aktivierbar?

Nextcloud Server Version:20.0.0

Installierbare Apps:

AccessibilityProvides multiple accessibilities options to ease your use of nextcloud.1.6.0
ActivityProvides an activity feed showing your file changes and other interesting things going on in your Nextcloud.2.13.1
Admin_AuditProvides logging abilities for Nextcloud such as logging file accesses or otherwise sensitive actions.1.10.0
BookmarksBookmark manager for Nextcloud and ownCloud.3.2.1
CalendarThe Nextcloud calendar app is a user interface for Nextcloud CalDAV server.2.1.2
Cloud_Federation_ApiEnable clouds to communicate with each other and exchange data.1.3.0
CommentsFiles app plugin to add comments to files.1.10.0
ContactsThe new and improved app for your Contacts.3.4.0
ContactsinteractionManages interaction between users and contacts1.1.0
DashboardThe dashboard for Nextcloud7.0.0
DavWebDAV endpoint1.16.0
DeckA kanban style project and personal management tool.1.1.2
EncryptionDefault encryption module.2.8.1
End_To_End_EncryptionProvides the necessary endpoint to enable end-to-end encryption.1.6.2
FederatedfilesharingProvide federated file sharing across servers.1.10.1
FederationFederation allows you to connect with other trusted servers to exchange the user directory.1.10.1
FilesFile Management.1.15.0
Files_AccesscontrolAn app to control the access to files based on some conditions.1.10.0
Files_AutomatedtaggingAn app that automatically assigns tags to newly uploaded files based on some conditions.1.10.0
Files_ExternalExternal storage support.1.11.1
Files_PdfviewerPDF viewer.2.0.1
Files_PhotospheresEnables viewing of google photosphere images1.20.0
Files_RetentionThis application allows for automatic deletion of files after a given time.1.9.0
Files_RightclickThis app allows users and developers to have a right click menu. Simply use the RightClick object to quickly create context menus.0.16.0
Files_SharingThis application enables users to share files within Nextcloud.1.12.0
Files_TexteditorThis application enables Nextcloud users to open, save and edit text files in the web browser.2.13.0
Files_TrashbinThis application enables users to restore files that were deleted from the system.1.10.1
Files_VersionsThis application automatically maintains older versions of files that are changed.1.13.0
Files_VideoplayerA responsive video player using a skinned version of Video.js1.9.0
FirstrunwizardFirst run wizard2.9.0
FormsSimple surveys and questionnaires, self-hosted.2.0.4
Lookup_Server_ConnectorSync public user information with the lookup server.1.8.0
MailEasy to use email client which connects to your mail server via IMAP and SMTP.1.5.0
MusicMusic player and server for ownCloud/Nextcloud.0.17.0
NewsAn RSS/Atom feed reader.15.0.4
NotesDistraction-free notes and writing.4.0.0
NotificationsThis app provides a backend and frontend for the notification API available in Nextcloud.2.8.0
Oauth2The OAuth2 app allows administrators to configure the built-in authentication workflow to also allow OAuth2 compatible authentication from other web applications.1.8.0
Password_PolicyAllow admin to define certain pre-conditions for password, e.g. enforce a minimum length.1.10.1
PhotosYour memories under your control.1.2.0
PollsA polls app, similar to doodle/dudle with the possibility to restrict access.1.5.4
PreviewgeneratorThe Preview Generator app allows admins to pre-generate previews.3.0.1
PrivacyThe privacy center shows you where your data is stored and who can access it, either because you shared with them or because they are administrators.1.4.0
Provisioning_ApiProvisioning API.1.10.0
QownnotesapiAPI for QOwnNotes, the open source (GPL) notepad for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows20.9.0
RichdocumentsCollabora Online allows you to to work with all kinds of office documents directly in your browser.3.7.5
SettingsNextcloud settings1.2.0
SharebymailShare provider which allows you to share files by mail.1.10.0
SpreedNextcloud Talk - Video & audio-conferencing using WebRTC.10.0.0
SystemtagsCollaborative tagging functionality which shares tags among users.1.10.0
TasksThe Tasks app for Nextcloud.0.13.1
TextCollaborative document editing3.1.0
ThemingAdjust the Nextcloud theme.1.11.0
Twofactor_BackupcodesA two-factor auth backup codes provider.1.9.0
Twofactor_Nextcloud_NotificationAllows using any of your logged in devices as second factor3.0.0
Twofactor_TotpA Two-Factor-Auth Provider for TOTP.5.0.0
Twofactor_U2FA two-factor provider for U2F devices.6.0.0
User_StatusPersonal user status.1.0.0
Viewerhow your latest holiday photos and videos like in the movies, show a glimpse of your latest novel directly from your nextcloud.1.4.0
Weather_StatusWeather status in your dashboard.1.0.0
WorkflowengineFiles workflow engine.2.2.0

Diese Liste wird nach jedem Portknox update aktualisiert. Wir führen dazu einen Shell Befehl ('./occ app:list') aus, der alle Apps und Versionen ausgibt.

Zusätzliche Dienste:

  • Collabora Online / Libreoffice Online:Collabora Online is a powerful LibreOffice-based online office suite with collaborative editing, which supports all major documents and works in all modern browsers.

    Version: LOOLWSD: 4.0.3, Libreoffce Server: 6.0-28


    This addon can be ordered inour shop.

  • STUN/TURN Server:

    A TURN server assists in traversal of network address translators (NAT) or firewalls for multimedia applications.

    Version: Coturn:


    This addon is free and activated on all clouds.

  • Talk Signaling Server (High Performance Back-end):

    The addon enables you faster connections and allows video conferences with up to 50 participants.

    Version: SignalingServer: 0.1.0


    This addon can be ordered inour shop.