Welche Apps sind bei ownMulti / ownSingle aktivierbar?

Eine Liste aller aktivierbaren Apps:
  • Activity - Activity feed that shows you all the changes in you files and all the interesting things that are going on in your ownCloud updated
  • Announcement center - An announcement center for ownCloudnew
  • Bookmarks - Bookmark manager for ownCloud
  • Calendar - Calendar with CalDAV support updated
  • Contacts - Address book with CardDAV support updated
  • Documents - An ownCloud app to work with office documents updated
  • Deleted files - ownCloud keeps a copy of your deleted files in case you need them again. 
  • Default encryption module - Server-Side encryption new
  • External storage support - Mount external storage sources
  • Image Viewer - Simple image viewer for owncloud
  • Impress - A Player for impress.js presentations.
  • Media - Media player and server for ownCloud
  • Music - Music player and server for ownCloud
  • Mail - Mail client integrated in ownCloud updated
  • News - An RSS/Atom feed reader updated
  • Notes - Simple distraction free notes app updated
  • ODF Viewer - Simple ODF viewer for owncloud
  • PDF Viewer - Inline PDF viewer (pdfjs-based) 
  • Pictures - Dedicated pictures application
  • Share Files - File sharing between users
  • Task Enhanced - Task App for Calender TODOs updated
  • Text Editor - Simple plain text editor based on Ace editor.
  • Versions - Versioning of files
  • Video Viewer -  A responsive video player for ownCloud using a skinned version of Video.js.
  • Webfinger - Provide WebFinger for all users

Diese Liste wird ständig erweitert. Updated 8.09.2015