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PortKnox is build on and with free software. Of course we release what we create!

What we give back to the free software community:

Quota Bar for ownCloud

Displays quota usage below the app menu:



0.6 Fixed space calc & round to full percent

0.5 Enabled by default

0.4 Fixed quota space except shared files

Version 0.3:

  • ownCloud 4 compatibility
  • Activate or deactivate in your personal settings

Version 0.2

Planned Features

  • Show actual free size (MB,KB) in an tooltip
  • Make the link of the app menu configurable
  • Port to ownCloud 5 and PHPTAL
  • Show the complete space (for admin)

Sourcecode at Github

Release Blogpost

pcommerce.payment.paypal (Plone)

Project Page (Plone)

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