Status & Updates

Here you can follow the development of upcoming or completed features.

We would like to make the development and progress at PortKnox as transparent as possible. Therefore we will publish all updates on this site which are planned or released shortly. Your suggestions and feedback is important for us, if you miss a feature or app please write us.


Information = Bugs or problems we can provide informations

Released = Available in all PortKnox clouds.

In development = We are currently working on the release or testing it.

Paused = We stopped development, will be continued.

Scheduled = We will soon start the implementation.

Migration to Nextcloud 15 - In development

We use the update to Nextcloud 15 to completly renew our Backend. This update is one of the biggest in the 6 years anniversary. Unfortunaly this has delayed things. We will not update to Nextcloud 14 instead we will go directly to Nextcloud 15:


  • Update the server infrastructure (done)
  • Update the backend (Plone) version (done)
  • Adjustment of the backend (new API) (done)
  • Files Retention app needs a release (done)
  • Talk app update to version 4.0.0 (done)
  • Calendar app update to version 2.1.6 (done)
  • Bookmark app update to version 0.14.2 (done)
  • Mail app update to version 0.11.0 (done)
  • Adjustment of the autoinstallation (done)
  • New customers get Nextcloud 15 installed (done)
  • Update all customers clouds to the last 13er Version (13.0.7)
  • Test the migration of existing customers (done)
  • Eat your own Dogfood. Update of our own clouds (done)
  • Migraition of all customers (51 % done)

(Todos are sorted by priority)

Update to Nextcloud 13.0.7 - In development

The last update before Nextcloud 15.


  • Bookmarks App Update to version 0.12.2 (done)
  • Talk App Update to version 3.2.6 (done)
  • Music App Update to version 0.9.2 (done)
  • Test the migration of existing customer (done)
  • Eat your own Dogfood. Update our own Clouds  (done)
  • Migration all existing customers

Migration to Nextcloud 13 - Released


The todos are sorted by priority.


  • Autoinstallation updated to use new version (done)
  • Nextcloud 12.0.5 needs to be released (done)
  • All customer clouds needs to be updated to the latest NC 12 version(12.0.5) (done)
  • News App needs a NC13 update (done)
  • Task App needs a updated Release (done)
  • Accesscontrol needs update to version 1.3.0 (done)
  • Automatedtagging needs update to version 1.3.0 (done)
  • Retention update to version 1.2.0 (done)
  • Twofactor Totp addon to version 1.4.1 (done)
  • Twofactor U2f addon to version 1.5.1 (done)
  • Bookmarks app needs a update (done)
  • Music app needs to be updated (done)
  • Nextcloud 13 needs to be official released (done)
  • All new customers get Nextcloud 13 installed. (done)
  • Test of the migration for existing customers (done)
  • Eat your own Dog-food. Update our own Clouds (done)
  • Migration all existing customers (done)


Update to Nextcloud 12.0.5 - Released

The todos are sorted by priority.


  • Mail App update to version 0.7.9  (done)
  • Calendar App update to version 1.5.7 (done)
  • Notes App update to version 2.3.2 (done)
  • Collabora Addon to version 1.12.40 (done)
  • Deck App Update to version 0.3.0 (done)
  • Test of the migration for existing customers (done)
  • Eat your own Dog-food. Update our own Clouds (done)
  • Migration of all existing customers (done)

Optimize News app database - In development

The most recent version of the News app needs an database migration

A few clouds see this message in the News App:


We will soon migrate this clouds to the new UTFmb4 charset.