What is Portknox Disaster Recovery?

Portknox Disaster recovery is a nightly database and config backup that is stored in the file area of your own cloud.

The disaster recovery backup offers customers another backup option for their own database and config file. Every night, these are backed up to the file area of their own cloud.

This offers several advantages:

  • Calendar & contact data are backed up
  • All settings in the database are backed up
  • With the database you could also install your Cloud on another server.

In the main (root) directory of your Portknox Cloud (within your main user*) the folder PortknoxBackup must be created, for new customers this is already created:

An SQL database backup is then created in this folder every night:

If you want to always have the latest backup of your cloud on your PC, you can set up the Sync client to download the backup automatically:

Existing customers

Customers who booked a cloud before August 2018 do not yet have the "PortknoxBackup" folder. Of course, we won't simply create a folder in your cloud without your consent. However, as soon as you create the corresponding folder, the backup is also created in it nightly.