Portknox Nextcloud App

We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to manage their Portknox subscription. To do this, we don't want to create another portal with an extra login, but rather have developed a Nextcloud app that you can use to manage your address, subscription, addons and also your invoices. Conveniently within your own Nextcloud.

The app is currently being rolled out to all customers. Here you can find information about the features of the app.

All features are located in the admin settings of your cloud. Log in to your cloud via the web browser and go to Settings > Portknox:

Language change

The Portknox app is available in German and English. The app uses the Nextcloud setting, so the language can be changed in the "Personal information" of Nextcloud.


Version 1.0 (Published)

  • Payment method: SEPA basic direct debit (existing customers)
  • Overview page for "Sponsored Clouds" (existing customers)
  • Sending a support request

Version 1.1 (Unreleased)

  • New payment method: Paypal Subscriptions (existing customers)

Upcoming versions (unreleased)

  • Change of address and email (existing customers)
  • Possibility to cancel (existing customers)
  • Add your own domain (existing customers)
  • View invoices & download invoices (existing customers)
  • Vote to add new apps (existing customers)
  • Convert to full cloud (trial customers)
  • Change subscription (existing customers)
  • Purchase support credits (existing customers)
  • Viewing total storage usage (existing customers)