Frequently Asked Questions

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New ownAdmin customer? This is important.

Here you will find all information about your new ownAdmin cloud.

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PortKnox is build on OpenSource software, where can I get the source code?

PortKnox uses ownCloud, the code can be downloaded without charge at It is licensed under AGPL.

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How and how often is my data backed up?

Here you can find all information about backup and recovery of your data.

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What does real private cloud means?

That makes PortKnox unique: In contrast to other ownCloud hosting providers PortKnox offers every customer a separated installation which is completely isolated from the clouds of the other customers. Furthermore, every customer gets an own URL.

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How is my data encrypted on PortKnox?

Which encryption method does PortKnox use?

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I have forgotten my password, how to get a new one?

Use this link to reset your https://<youraccount>

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