Reseller documentation

We are a reseller how can we interact with the Portknox API

As a reseller you are able to start Portknox cloud installations on your own. Your landing page or order process page needs to send an email to our system. The email address from which your system are sending needs to be activated, if you haven't received any additional informations please contact us.

The email body should look like this:

PK-salutation: Herr
PK-firstname: Trial-firstname
PK-lastname: Trial-lastname
PK-pk_username: <customers cloud id>
PK-company: Trial-company
PK-address1: Trial-address1
PK-address2: Trial-address2
PK-zip: 81667
PK-city: Trial-City
PK-country: Deutschland
PK-email: <customers email adress>
PK-reseller: None
PK-language: de
PK-line_item_title: ownAdmin Single - Ohne Datenbackup / 15 GB inklusive
PK-line_item_price: 2900
PK-line_item_sku: PK0007

The fields in bold need to be changed. Add your reseller id to the "PK-reseller" field to get your order tracked.

The subject needs to be "Neue Bestellung [ - Trialuser".