Status & Updates

Here you can follow the development of upcoming or completed features.

We would like to make the development and progress at PortKnox as transparent as possible. Therefore we will publish all updates on this site which are planned or released shortly. Your suggestions and feedback is important for us, if you miss a feature or app please write us.


Information = Bugs or problems we can provide informations

Released = Available in all PortKnox clouds.

In development = We are currently working on the release or testing it.

Paused = We stopped development, will be continued.

Scheduled = We will soon start the implementation.

Apps update - Released

After the migration of all clouds to Nextcloud 11, we are able to update some more apps.

Migration to Nextcloud 11 - Released

Nextcloud 11 sets new standard for security and scalability. We also update some apps and add the Twofactor U2F App.

The todos are sorted by priority.


  • Appstore access ignored - Done (Github link)
  • Slow loading in Firefox - Done (Github link)
  • Portknox auto installation needs to be updated - Done
  • New customers get Nextcloud 11 installed - Done
  • All customer clouds needs to be on the latest Nextcloud version (10.0.3) - Done
  • Test of the migration for existing customers - Done
  • Eat your own Dog-food. Update our own Clouds - Done
  • Migration all existing customers - Done

Migration to new server infrastructure - Released

We have completed our new server infrastructure. This offers higher speed and optimizes the server security (better firewall and backup).

Existing clients will be migratedt to the new servers. Because of this migration a short downtime  (1 to 5 minutes) will occur. We will inform all of our clients prior to the migration (by mail).


  • New clents will be installed directly on the new infrastructure (done)
  • Existing clouds will be migrated (done)
  • Full automation of migration (done)
  • Migration of all clouds (first standing customers) (done)

Existing customers can check if they are on the new infrastructure. In the admin area this should appear:

Migration ownCloud v8.2 auf v9 - Released


  • All clouds need to be on the latest upgradeable version (v 8.2.4)
  • Notes App needs a update to work with ownCloud 9 - (Github Ticket)
  • Music App needs a update to work with ownCloud 9 - (Github Ticket)
  • Upgrade to ownCloud 9.0.2
  • Task App needs a update to work with ownCloud 9 (Github Ticket - We deploy the
  • Bookmarks App needs a update to work with ownCloud 9 - (Github Ticket)
  • Add the new video player (Github)
  • News App needs a update to work with ownCloud 9
  • New customers will get version 9.0.2
  • Test of the migration of exising customers
  • Migration of all existing customer (100% done)

Error on event in birthday calendar (Mac) - Information

Unfortunately this error happen in ownCloud / Apple iCalender:

The server responded with “500” to operation CalDAVWriteEntityQueueableOperation

ownCloud Calendar Carddav

The Mac calender tries to write in the read-only birthday calendar. Try to revert this event creation. If this does not work, readd the calendar account.

Github Bug