Upgrade to Nextcloud Hub 21 - Done

Right now we are working on the migration to Nextcloud Hub 21.

The updates are complete.

Notes for the Update

We are currently working on the migration to Nextcloud Hub 21 and the progress of this major upgrade can be tracked here.
Notes on the update

We will no longer be offering the end-to-end Encryption App. Customers with the app enabled will be contacted by us. Unfortunately, the app has repeatedly caused problems in the past and cannot be used in a stable manner.  For us, the app still has beta status and does not feel like a "first class" Nextcloud app. Furthermore an update to Nextcloud 21 is not yet available.

Before the migration, we set the storage period of the recycle bin to a maximum of 30 days. This only applies to clouds that have been hosted with us for longer than 3 years.

We also had to deactivate the Music app before the migration because it unfortunately throws some errors. We are currently investigating the issue and will update as soon as possible. Fixed (Github)

In the Nextcloud Admin overview there is still this warning: "Your web server is not properly set up to resolve "/.well-known/webfinger". We will fix this in the next few days. New customers are not affected.

(Will be updated continuously)

Further links & information

Nextcloud faster than ever! Introducing Files High Performance Back-end (Nextcloud.com)

Nextcloud Hub 21 out with up to 10x better performance (Nextcloud.com)

Upgrade todos

  • Wait for the first bugfix release (21.0.1) (will be skipped)
  • Test of the PHP 8 installation (DONE)
  • Update End-to-End Encryption (Github) (Not yet supported)
  • Update Forms (Github) (DONE)
  • Update Mail v1.9.1 (Github) (DONE)
  • Update Music v1.0.3 (Github) (DONE)
  • Update Notes v4.0.3 (Github) (DONE)
  • Update Twofactor_nextcloud_notification (Github) (DONE)
  • Add Whiteboard App (with the next update)
  • Anpassung der Autoinstallation (DONE)
  • Neukunden bekommen Nextcloud 21.0.0 installiert (DONE)
  • Update aller Kunden Clouds auf die letzte Nextcloud 20 Version (DONE)
  • Eat your own Dogfood. Update unserer eigenen Cloud (DONE)
  • Test der Migration von bestehenden Kunden (DONE)
  • Create info page for customers about the update to Nextcloud Hub (DONE)
  • Migration aller bestehender Kunden / Versenden einer Informations E-Mail beim Update (DONE)

(The todos are sorted by priority)