Connect Mozilla Sync with your PortKnox ownCloud


  • PortKnox ownAdmin account
  • Recent Firefox Browser - Mozilla Sync is already integrated in recent versions
  • Unlinked from a previous sync - Mozilla Sync can only be used with one service

Step by Step Guide

Connection with the desktop browser

In Firefox the Sync can be set up in the properties:

Setup Mozilla Sync


Over the following configuration screen you can insert your cloud data:


As server you put in this URL:


This address can be found in your cloud under "Personal".

Unlink an existing connection

If you have already connected another Mozilla Sync service you can unlink it within the properties menu:

Unlink Mozilla Sync

How to add other devices?

Adding more devices or a Firefox browser on other computers is really easy with Mozilla Pairing. A detailed How-to can be found at


Do you have a problem or question please feel free to use the support form, we will try to improve our guides.