Please use this method!

Sync OwnCloud Contacts with your Android Phone

Please use this method!


  • Android Phone (Version 2.1 or better)
  • OwnCloud Version 4
  • Android App CardDAV-Sync (see first step)

Step by Step Guide

Install CardDAV from the Google Play Store

There is a free version CardDav-Sync free beta and a version for 1,82 Euro CardDav-Sync beta. The paid version syncs more contact fields. You can start with the free and upgrade later.

Install the App from the Google Play Store (or over the web):



The URL can be found in the contact apps and look like this:


Enter your ownCloud URL and logins into the emerging form:


After CardDAV has checked the logins and confirmed the settings, you can name the Sync Adapter (PortKnox Contacts) and untoggle the "Sync form server to phone only" (the two way sync works fine, you can also ignore the upcoming info):


Finished! Your new Sync-Adapter is created, you can confirm it in the Accounts & Sync settings:


A sync should automatically happen after creation, click on the sync adapter to check the last sync or change settings:



There is an alternative Sync Client in the Google Play Store: aCal CalDAV Client

It is not as fully integrated as Sync-Adapter into Android and brings its own Calendar and Contacts app.


Do you have a problem or Feel free to use the support form, we will try to improve our guides.