Sync Thunderbird contacts to PortKnox ownCloud


  • PortKnox ownAdmin account - ownCloud (Version 5.0.5 confirmed to work)
  • SOGo Connector (compatible with your used Thunderbird version - old version are here (v24 does work))

Step by Step Guide

To install the SOGo Connector, click in Thunderbird on Extras > Add-ons:

Thunderbird Addon

On the Add-ons site, click on the gearwheel in the right above corner and then on "Add-on from File":

Addon installieren

Now choose the downloaded XPI-File of the SOGo Connector and click on "install". After installation, restart Thunderbird to activate the Connector.

Add Remote-Adressbook

Now you can link your Thunderbird addressbook to ownCloud. Open up the adressbook in Thunderbird and click on "File > New > Remote-Adressbook":

On the next window insert your Carddav URL:

The CardDAV URL can be found in the contact app in your ownCloud webinterface:

To initiate the first sync, click right on the new created addressbook and choose "Synchronize".

Show contact pictures in Thunderbird (optional)

If you use contact pictures in ownCloud you can display them with the Add-on Display Contact Addon:

Addon installieren

Installation is the same as the SOGO Connector.

Better contact search and Tabs-View (optional)

Another nice Add-on for Thunderbird is Contacts-Tabs. It integrates contacts search to the main view and opens up the contacts in tabs.


Do you have a problem or Feel free to use the support form, we will try to improve our guides.