Sync your contacts/calendar & tasks with your Android device (DAVDroid method)


  • Android 4+ device
  • Ready to use ownCloud Server
  • Installed Tasks app. (Need to be done before install of DAVDroid)
  • Android App DAVDroid

Step by Step Guide

Install Task app (optional)

If you wanna sync your task with DAVDroid you need to install the Task app (or from Google Play Store) before DAVDroid, otherwise permissions are missing.

Install DAVDroid

Install the DAVDroid from F-Drod (free) or from the Google Play Store (3.33 Euro). The apps identical from both stores, to support the development buy within Google Play Store.

Install davdroit


Now start the creation wizard:

Select "Login with URL and user name":

Add your credentials, just the plain ownCloud URL:


Select calendars, contacts or tasks you want to sync:

 Change the account name to your email:


Do you have a problem or Feel free to use the support form, we will try to improve our guides.