What are the user and memory limits for Professional/Multi?

I have booked ownAdmin Multi, how do the user/storage limits (quotas) work?

With Multi and Professional, it is possible to create any number of users through the activated user administration. Any quotas (storage limits) can be set for these users. This makes it possible for the limit of the booked subscription to be exceeded.

We work according to the "fair-use" principle, which means that a temporary or slight exceeding of the limits is no problem for us. However, if there is a permanent or significant increase of the booked amount, we will approach you and ask for a memory/user extension.

This does not apply to Single, the user administration is not available there. A fixed storage space is assigned to the active user.

High memory consumption due to recycle bin and versions app

If no quotas are set for the users (unlimited), it can happen that the recycle bin and file versions consume a lot of memory. If you receive a mail from us about this, please check your existing users and set sensible quotas that correspond to your booked storage space. The recycle bin is cleaned up every 15 minutes, i.e. the oldest files are deleted until the quota is reached again.