Roadmap 1/2021

What to expect until the middle of the year

Nextcloud update to version 21 (running)

Nextcloud Hub 21 was released at the end of February. We will start the rollout to all customers shortly, you can follow the current status on our status page.
Migration to improved server infrastructure (March/April)

We are also using the update to Nextcloud 21 to migrate to a significantly improved server infrastructure. We have updated Linux on our cloud host servers. We are also updating to the latest PHP 8 version and a new database version. The upgrade gets rid of a lot of legacy and all clouds gain significant speed.

We have also developed a new update process. Updates to Nextcloud & Apps will now be distributed even faster.

Portknox Nextcloud App postponed (2nd quarter)

We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to manage their Portknox subscription. For this purpose, we don't want to create another portal with an extra login, but we will create a Nextcloud extension with which you can retrieve your address, subscription, addons and also your invoices. Conveniently within your Nextcloud.

We are currently working hard on the development of the app and plan to launch it in the second quarter.

Files High Performance Back-end (end of 2nd quarter)

With Nextcloud 21, another high-performance component has been introduced. This extension can send changes/notifications to the connected sync clients (push). A query from the client to the server is then no longer necessary (pull). This enables real-time notifications and relieves the server.

We will publish our next roadmap in the summer.

You can look through our previous roadmap here.