Migration to Nextcloud 15 - Released

We use the update to Nextcloud 15 to completly renew our Backend. This update is one of the biggest in the 6 years anniversary. Unfortunaly this has delayed things. We will not update to Nextcloud 14 instead we will go directly to Nextcloud 15:


  • Update the server infrastructure (done)
  • Update the backend (Plone) version (done)
  • Adjustment of the backend (new API) (done)
  • Files Retention app needs a release (done)
  • Talk app update to version 4.0.0 (done)
  • Calendar app update to version 2.1.6 (done)
  • Bookmark app update to version 0.14.2 (done)
  • Mail app update to version 0.11.0 (done)
  • Adjustment of the autoinstallation (done)
  • New customers get Nextcloud 15 installed (done)
  • Update all customers clouds to the last 13er Version (13.0.7)
  • Test the migration of existing customers (done)
  • Eat your own Dogfood. Update of our own clouds (done)
  • Migraition of all customers (done)

(Todos are sorted by priority)