Slow cloud login - Done

Due to a bug in Nextcloud 24, there are currently reports of a significantly slower login. There are also often sync errors with the calendar or contacts.

Update 26.8.2022: The bug has been fixed by Nextcloud and we have applied it to all clouds. The Devices & Sessions list should no longer show entries older than 16 days.

Unfortunately, a bug has found in Nextcloud 24 that has not yet been fixed. Nextcloud 23 is not affected by this.

You can check if you are affected by going to the settings and selecting "Security > Devices & sessions". If the list there is very long, your cloud is affected.

Device password

It is recommended to set up all devices (smartphone, tablet, Sync-Client) by device password and not to use the main login for this. This increases security significantly. In addition, this does not create any further sessions, which does not slow down the cloud in the long run.

The setup of device passwords is described in the documentation of Nextcloud.


At the moment, we regularly delete sessions that are no longer needed and cleanup the list. All sessions older than 14 days are deleted. Should your cloud still react slowly or the list still have many entries, please contact our support.

Further links

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