Upgrade to Nextcloud 24 - Released

The next major version will be released early Mai, we are already working on the migration to Nextcloud 24.

Nextcloud 24 update paused

Due to a bug in Nextcloud 24, there are currently more reports that the login is significantly slower. Often there are also sync errors with the calendar or contacts. We have therefore paused the update from Nextcloud 23 to Nextcloud 24. As soon as the bug in Nextcloud is fixed, we will update the remaining clouds. More info here.

Noteable new Features

  • Talk: Reactions for chat messages
  • Deck: Transfer ownership, Import from trello via CLI
  • Mail: Scheduled Sending, Undo Sending

Notes for the Update

If the login to your cloud is very slow, please contact our support. Probably your cloud is affected by a Nextcloud 24 bug, we are currently investigating the reasons.

The app Two-Factor U2F (twofactor_u2f) is replaced by the app Two-Factor WebAuthn (twofactor_totp), if you use U2F, please switch to the new app.

These apps do not yet have a Nextcloud 24 release, but they still work:

Upgrade process

  • Wait for the first bugfix release (24.0.2) (done)
  • Update Talk v14.0.0 (done)
  • Update Deck v1.7.0 (done)
  • Update Mail v1.12 (done)
  • Update Richdocuments App v6.0 (done)
  • Upgrade PHP 8.1 (done)
  • New customers get Nextcloud 24 installed (done)
  • Update all customer clouds to the latest Nextcloud 23 Version (done)
  • Eat your own Dogfood. Update our own cloud (done)
  • Test migration of existing customers (done)
  • Create info page for customers about the update to Nextcloud Hub  (done)
  • Migrate all existing customers / send an information email before updating (100 %)

More Infos:

Nextcloud Hub 24 is here (Englisch - nextcloud.com)