Upgrade to Nextcloud 24 - Scheduled

The next major version will be released early Mai, we are already working on the migration to Nextcloud 24.

Noteable new Features

  • Talk: Reactions for chat messages
  • Deck: Transfer ownership, Import from trello via CLI
  • Mail: Scheduled Sending, Undo Sending

Notes for the Update

  • None

Upgrade process

  • Wait for the first bugfix release (23.0.1) (If needed)
  • Update Talk v14.0.0
  • Update Deck v1.7.0
  • Update Mail v1.12
  • Update Richdocuments App v6.0
  • New customers get Nextcloud 24 installed
  • Update all customer clouds to the latest Nextcloud 22 Version
  • Eat your own Dogfood. Update our own cloud
  • Test migration of existing customers
  • Create info page for customers about the update to Nextcloud Hub 
  • Migrate all existing customers / send an information email before updating (100 %)