Upgrade to Nextcloud Hub 23 - Done

The next major version was released first december, we are working on the migration to Nextcloud Hub 2.

We are currently working on the migration to Nextcloud Hub 23, the progress of this major upgrade can be tracked here.

Notes for the Update

  • On some clouds the RSS news feeds is not updating after the Nextcloud 23 upgrade, a change to the news app caused this error. We have created a fix and are currently distributing it to all clouds. (DONE)

  • For some clouds, a warning about the PHP OPcache module is displayed in "Administration" > "Overview". We are working on the optimization, the functionality is not affected.

Upgrade todos

  • Wait for the first bugfix release (23.0.2) (DONE)
  • Update News App v17.0 (DONE)
  • Update Music v1.5.0 (DONE)
  • Update Talk v13.0.0 (DONE)
  • Update Deck v1.6.0 (DONE)
  • Update Group Folder v11.0 (DONE)
  • Update Mail v1.11 (DONE)
  • Update Calendar v2.4.0 (DONE)
  • Update Forms 1.4.0 (DONE)
  • Adjustment of the autoinstallation (DONE)
  • New customers get Nextcloud 23.0.0 installed (DONE)
  • Update all customer clouds to the latest Nextcloud 22 Version (DONE)
  • Eat your own Dogfood. Update our own cloud (DONE)
  • Update Talk - High-Performance Backend (DONE)
  • Test migration of existing customers(DONE)
  • Create info page for customers about the update to Nextcloud Hub (DONE)
  • Migrate all existing customers / send an information email before updating (100 %)

Further  information

Announcement Stream:


  • Nextcloud Hub II brings major overhaul, introducing Nextcloud Office, P2P backup and more (nextcloud.com)
  • Heavily expanded Backup App (for Nextcloud 23), we check if we can extend our Portknox Recovery (nextcloud.com)
  • Nextcloud Files for desktop, Android and iOS introducing support for Nextcloud Hub II features and more major improvements! (nextcloud.com)