Upgrade to Nextcloud Hub 22 - Done

New customers get version 22 installed, existing customers are currently being migrated. The status is documented here.

Release notes:

There are no Nextcloud 22 release for the "Preview Generator" app yet, we will update as soon as they are available. However, the apps can be installed and work.


  • Release of first bugfix (22.1.1) (Done)
  • Update Calendar v2.3.3 (Done)
  • Update Deck v1.5.2 (Done)
  • Update Mail v1.10.3 (Done)
  • Update Talk v12.1.1 (Done)
  • Update Contacts v4.0.2 (Done)
  • Adjustment of the autoinstallation (Done)
  • New customers get Nextcloud 22.1.1 installed (Done)
  • Update all customer clouds to the latest Nextcloud 21 version (Done)
  • Eat your own Dogfood. Update of our own clouds (Done)
  • Test migration of existing customers (Done)
  • Create info page/email for customers to update to Nextcloud Hub (Done)
  • Update Groupfolders Version 10 (Done)
  • Update Previewgenerator (Github)
  • Migrate all existing customers / send an information email before updating (100 %)

(The todos are sorted by priority)