Upgrade to Nextcloud Hub 6 (Version 27.1) - Done

As usual, a new version of Nextcloud was released at the annual Nextcloud Conf. We are already planning and testing this version 27.1. You can follow the status here. This page will be updated continuously.

The update to Nextcloud Hub 8 has now also been released. We have scheduled this for early 2024.

Noteable new Features

There is a very extensive blog post with many videos at nextcloud.com.

Notes for the Update

- With this update we guarantee an error-free configuration for all clouds.

Upgrade process

  • Activation of the test drive function. Interested customer can test Nextcloud 27.1. (Done)
  • Adjustment of the autoinstallation. (Done)
  • Update Webserver configuration (Done)
  • New customers get Nextcloud Hub 6 installed (Todo)
  • Update all customer clouds to the latest Nextcloud 27 Version (Done)
  • Eat your own Dogfood. Update our own cloud (Done)
  • Test migration of existing customers (Done)
  • Update Portknox Admin App (Done)
  • Create information page for customers about Nextcloud update (Done)
  • Migrate all existing customers / send information email before upgrade (100% DONE)

(The todos are sorted by priority. Successfully completed tasks are marked with (Done))