I am a new ownAdmin customer – how do I get started?

Here you will find all information about your new ownAdmin cloud.

If you cant login immediately (maybe you will be redirected to the Portknox.net frontpage) please clear your browser cache or try it with a other browser.

You have received your logins by mail and logged in successfully?

First Steps:

  1. Change the password set by us!
  2. To make sure email get send correctly, place your mail server and logins in the admin configuration. Emails get send out by the Activity Stream and other apps.
  3. Save your email for password recovery.
  4. Activate the "cron" setting in the admin area. When activated various apps will be constantly updated (e.g. News/RSS-Reader).

App Activation

You are now able to activate apps. Besides the standard apps, we offer selected apps that are only available in ownAdmin. All apps are verified by function, compatibility and security. Therefore Portknox does not include all apps available for Nextcloud. If you need a particular app or you missing a feature, feel free to inform us.

If you use the news app, you could add our News feed: https://portknox.net/rss_updates. Now you get all Portknox News, Nextcloud Updates and installation of apps.

ownAdmin Multi

As ownAdmin Multi customer we can add a domain to your installation. Just provide us with all the infos. We will secure your cloud over https with a Lets Encrypt certificate.


Collabora Online Office

The Nextcloud app "Collabora Online" needs a backend Collabora Server, its available at Portknox as a addon.

Nextcloud Talk

To use Nextcloud Talk with mobile devices, with user behind firewalls or routers a TURN Server is needed. This server is available as Portknox addon.


There are several tutorials for connecting Nextcloud to IPhone/IPad, Thunderbird or Dropbox and many more. Check out our Tutorial page or the official Nextcloud documentation.